Create a Pool on AWS

hello, can anyone help to build a pool directly in aws, or who has a tutorial, I tried several on the cardano website, but without success, thanks in advance for the help, sorry for the bad english

for ubuntu


I tried yours already but at the beginning it asks for the user password and I don’t have this password, I’m doing it directly on the amazon aws server.

“example” is just a word… replace it with what user u will like to create

and next step u will create the pass for user

yes I already made the change, but at this moment it asks for a password which I don’t h


when u tiped sudo adduser souza didn’t ask to set
a password for this user? Here u must use that password seted

no, that’s what I found strange, because I started to configure the virtual box and it asked

this screen

Try sudo adduser souza
sudo passwd souza

PS, do u have ubuntu installed on aws? I see ECZ amazon linux… probably a custom linux?

yes it’s a direct one on amazon, with this last command he sent me he asked to set the password, let’s see how far i can go, it’s kinda complicated for me that i don’t understand much, thanks for helping

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Hi @Adriano

Amazon Linux 2 is quote old Linux based on Centos 7(if I recall correctly) and will have End-Of-life soon(2024-06-30), I personally would not use it at all.

Most of SPOs here are using Ubuntu, so for a novice pool operator I would recommend to go with it.

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