Create Simple Transaction (SOLVED)

I’m in the step of creating new transaction. From this guide

And I just create protocol.json

In the step that I read
after I type

cardano-cli shelley query utxo \
  --address $(cat payment.addr) \

Then I will get this

                    TxHash                                 TxIx        Lovelace

4e3a6e7fdcb0d0efa17bf79c13aed2b4cb9baf37fb1aa2e39553d5bd720c5c99 4 20000000

But mine still nothing
How to get this lovelace in mainnet? Should I transfer my ADA to here? and to which address wallet or stake address?

I found the solution. Since the testnet is not there anymore, so we must transfer from our daedalus wallet to this payment address, and they will show up.


I had same questions.

I found that you must transfer from your wallet with real ADA. I’m using my daedalus wallet to transfer to the payment address. It work. But make sure your daedalus wallet is in Shelley, NOT BYRON.