Crypto Dialogue by Ajaib Kripto

In this event opportunity, we came as an audience to know better the existence of AJAIB as local CEX and get the knowledge from Mr. Afid Sugiono, a professional trader of future trading and crypto trading, is also well known from other local CEX and has his own project about market trading. Ms. Febi Mettasari also brings out general approach and on the surface common sense, this whole rationale being dragged by their Product Manager of Ajaib Crypto. To fulfill its common goal as a CEX. The education is mainly focused on Bitcoin Halving in this period, and we can be more satisfied with multiple data taken from the internet. We took an opportunity to get more channels from this new ecosystem.

A mingle times in our first attendance, first timer for this kind of event for us. Less people came to the event, crowded with its own worker, they donโ€™t have any further intention to get us around and none beside Mr. Afid to know about us, This comes to our mind: local cexโ€™s are a bridge to the crypto ecosystem only, not to the blockchain ecosystem for newbies and the society. But similar users that do not dig out its true potential are able to be an assessor and proposer. As we have things to fulfill and our vision in Indonesia with Cardano Community Indonesia, we are trying our best to come to a lot of events and possible channels till now.

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