Daedalus 4.8.0 linux - network connection lost - reconnecting

Hi, Daedalus is continually giving a network connection lost - reconnecting. All the other icons at the base are green.

It used to work, and is simply running in a templated linux VM of which other ones are working fine.
Anything else on the box connects fine.

The firewalls permissive/same as the other functional VM.

The logs as far as I can interpret them are saying that it is failing to fetch from smash.cardano-mainnet.iohk.io/api/v1/metadata/big_hash and then the server is replying with status 500/Internal server error.

Rebooting the VM and restarting the node doesn’t help.

I can find nothing in the FAQ that helps.

Is my only option uninstalling daedalus and reinstalling?

Thanks for any help, F

After update to 4.9.0 it sits in this state:

Because to someone ignorant like me, this sounds like a local issue (on disk blockchain) - I’ve followed the guide to delete all data in the chain folder+the wallet folder. After restart it is downloading the chain again. I’ll update how it goes

OK - deleting chain and wallet and reloading it sorted it out. For anyone with similar issue followed these guides:

Took about 12hours to rebuild but all is OK now :smiley: