Incentive TN problems connecting... (Daedalus)

Hi, downloaded the incentivize daedalus, installed it and such… worked well with delegating. Then closed the wallet. a few hours later tried to connect again and it keeps showing “connecting to network …” but is having trouble connecting to network again?? anyone have a fix to this ?
UPDATE . this fixed the issue for me >> Open Daedalus>Daedalus Diagnostic > Reset Node

Same here. Woke up in the middle of the night here in Europe to get that new Daedalus Rewards V1. Installed successfully and then had the same connecting to network problem as you for ages. Couldn’t even delegate.
So I restarted my computer, and now the app won’t launch. Only a dark blue screen. It’s like it’s frozen. Same with the balance check app. I even re-downloaded and reinstalled in vain…
Don’t know what to do, apart from waiting for it to be less congested.
Only Daedalus Mainnet Wallet works flawlessly.

Having the same issues here in the USA, tried all the tricks they list to make it connect and nothing works. I guess I will wait until tomorrow and see if it works then? :frowning:

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Same here (I’m in Europe btw)

Installed the Daedalus testnet version, restored balance wallet, created rewards wallet & transfered funds, started browsing the stake pool list.

Suddenly I get the “Synchronizing” screen, stuck at 97%

Since trying to restart I’m stuck at the “Connecting to network…” screen
Node is running, but not responding and not syncing.

Try to restart it until it works. I had the same problem. Good luck!


IOHK replied to my ticket a few hours after I opened it.
Their advice was to restart the Cardano node by following the instructions on this link
It didn’t work for me, but maybe it will for others so posting it here.


Hi there
The same problem
Tried using vpn but no success

I cant connect as well, how many mins you need to wait for this to connect? When i went to Daedalus Diagnostics All the status or NO epoch is - the only thing that is running is Cardano Node but not connecting?

It’s worth checking the link below

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Help > Daedalus Diagnostic > Reset Node
Fixed my issues


Yep, worked for me after the second attempt! :+1:

EDIT: spoke too soon – I keep getting stuck after a while; currently “Syncing Blocks” again, hung on block 29771…

EDIT 2: node will sync after each restart, but it takes a while. And then it promptly hangs and falls behind again. Sync percentage says 100%, but Last Synchronized Block is about a 150 blocks behind Last Network Block again, counting down to the next disconnect.

I am here in the US. The rewards wallet finally connected and started syncing after multiple tries. But the syncing % which started at 75 is now moving in reverse to 74, 73 and now 72. Anyone have an explanation of this issue?

Daedalus has always done that, when syncing gets stuck for long enough, as the chain keeps growing, the proportion of it successfully synced gets smaller. Like everyone else in this situation at the moment the best strategy is restart. You could leave it a while between tries, give both the network and yourself a break. :grinning:

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Why is this happening in my situation? I read reports from others of them just opening the wallet and there doesn’t seem to be this problem. They are immediately in and staking. Just curious!

Impossible to say, network issues, whatever, nothing to be concerned about though.

One last question: does restarting actually speed it up or simply make an impatient person like me feel better thinking that I am doing something that makes a difference when it actually matters not a wit?

It seems to help, has long been advised for Daedalus connection issues, but I don’t know exactly how it works…

My first attempt seemed to take a long time. Restarted then walked away. 10 min later I came back and it had synched. That was my experience. Haven’t logged on again.

Same issue as everyone else. After a couple of attempts, I got as far as restoring my wallet to the testnet, creating the rewards wallet and transferring my ADA to it. Then, it started syncing again and that was the end of it. I restarted from the menu, closed and reopened Daedalus and even did it all again after rebooting Linux.
Daedalus works fine on Mainnet, so hardware and comms are probably fine.

I’ve been at this for at least two hours so far - with only the delegating left to do.

The only part that works reliably is that pretty spinner!

This did the trick! thanks

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