Daedalus 2.0 "Connecting to Network" Issue. Also showing inaccurate balance and wrong transaction history

I successfully installed daedalus 2.0 and was able to sync the blockchain from %0-%100 smoothly. When sync was completed, i was taken to wallet restoration. The balance that was shown was way off, and i had some transaction history from september/october 2017. I did not own any ada during that time period, so i was confused. Ultimately, the wallet was unable to be synced completely because apparently i lost connection. Now everytime i launch daedalus, it says “connecting to network”. I have uninstalled, reinstalled the app, synced my PC’s time, and restarted my PC as well… any help would be appreciated. thank you.

Having a similar issue, albeit without any incorrect balance last time I was able to connect.

Daedalus ran perfectly when first installed and I delegated to a pool. Today, however, it’s stuck on the Connecting to network screen. Restarting the node didn’t help.

EDIT: Hours later, as I just posted this, it began to work again!

You might find help here: https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/search?utf8=✓&category=360000877653&query=connecting+to+network

Same happening here… I was able to update, sync, connect (Balance was correct) and delegate but now it says connecting to network forever.

Already got this problem with older versions and it’s pretty annoying.

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Just be patient right now :slight_smile: Will be fixed soon pretty sure :slight_smile:

Yeah I guess everyone is pretty busy right now :slight_smile:


in fact it came back right now… :rofl:

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I am Having same problem. At the beginning installation was ok but after trying to sync with old wallet Mainnet just stopped working and got message. It cannot connect to network. I have reinstalled the wallet, reboot few times my modem and my iMac. and I can’t get this thing working still. any advise?

I finally got it to work. Just kept it at “connecting to network” for a very long time. Eventually it goes through.

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Thanks for tip. I got update today to 2.0.1 and after almost two hours keeping it on “connecting to network” is finally syncing the wallet. I guess it will take some time , but at least its working. Thank you again for tip.