Incentive TN problems connecting... (Daedalus)

I just tried again. First time Daedalus remained stuck at 54% sync. Restarted node, and now it’s fully synced & seems to be keeping up…

Interesting times :slight_smile:

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Earlier today I ran an errand for three hours, came back and sync was down from 60% to 43. Looked like it was stuck, restarted and it connected and opened up the wallet. At that point I was able to restore a couple of my individual wallets but didn’t, immediately create the reward wallets. Left my computer for a while and lost the connection. Now when I restarted my computer and the reward wallet, it was slow to connect (at least 10 minutes) but has now connected but I am back to syncing at 83% down to 82%. First time it actually booted up the actual wallet was when I restarted at 43%. That time it went from 43% to opening up the wallet. Crazy and frustrating.

Daedalus has been running fine since yesterday evening here. I guess the first 24h after going live were just a bit, well, interesting :slight_smile:

Could this have something to do with it?

EDIT: spoke too soon again, Daedalus still locks up from time to time. But it also recovers faster than before. I guess that’s why we have a testnet :slight_smile:

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