Cardano Rewards Wallet connection issues


Since the Cardano Rewards Wallet has been launched within a few hours I’ve downloaded and installed it but I’ve encountered some issues. In first place the wallet got stuck on “Connecting to network” and it would stay there until the message “problems connecting to network” appeared on screen, then after some manually re-starts of the cardano node and one restart of my computer it managed to connect, but this time it got stuck on the “syncing blocks 0.00%” untill the message “problem syncing blocks” appeared as well. Somehow the wallet finally connected itself, no idea how, and I managed to transfer my Testnet ADA to a recently created Rewards wallet but it threw me out of the system because the wallet started to sycronize blocks again but this time moving backwards. I really need help with this issues, if somebody can give me some advise or procedure I would much apreciate it. Finally when I use the manual restart of the Cardano node several times, it gets also stuck on “Network connection lost - reconnecting…” I really don’t know what to do to fix this molesting issues. I am not very very good with computers, I manage to defend myself but that’s it, and it is a bit frustraiting for me to been waiting this moment for so long and prepare in advance for it so that now to can’t even be able to open the wallet.

Thank you very much for your time, and sorry for the bad English.

Many others seeing similar things, it’s due to network congestion, fixes are in the works also the busy-ness will die down in time. Nothing to do meanwhile but keep trying.

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Hi @ValentinR, to fix the “Connecting to network” issue, please follow the instructions on this link in order to restart your Cardano node. That’s what IOHK advises to do in this case
Let us know if it helped!

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I am having a similar problem. I was just about to write an extended description and turned around to look at my computer and find that it has now connected and is syncing blocks 75% but now seems to be stuck at 75%.

But now the percentage syncing is going backwards down from 75% to 74%

If it sticks for a while it’s normal for the number to go down. Wait/restart/wait…

Thanks RobJF, it is now at 67%. But it is syncing pretty slowly. Do I have to wait til it gets to zero before it opens and I can get access to the rewards wallet. If so when you say wait, restart, wait, do you just mean be patient and let it run for some hours and then just restart the wallet and let it run for more hours while patiently waiting. And eventually when it gets to zero it will open?


It goes up, not down, so 100% not 0. And probably not “some hours” but less (much less for me). Otherwise, yes. You can restart node (Ctrl-D on Windows) instead of Daedalus as a whole but IMO it doesn’t make much difference.

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Hi! Well I followed the steps and did not work for me, but seems like it fixed itself because today I am able to connect without any issue. The problem is that now I have a different problem, I really don’t understand what I must be doing wrong but this release is being a disaster for me. The issue now is that I’m supposly delegating my ADA but it says its delegating to an “unkown stake pool”. I delegated yesterday to the first ranked stake pool that was available, but now seeing this I wanted to change to another one, when I tried to search for a new one it says that there are 0 stake pools available. Any ideas?

I dont know how to help you on this one. Maybe that’s because you changed pool before the end of the epoch. Nonetheless it would be best to open a ticket and ask for help on this specific issue.
There is a support button on the bottom or submit a request on the top of this page.

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