Daedalus - Connecting to Network Issue

I am having tremendous issue with connecting to your network on the Daedalus App. I recently transferred all my ADA coins from an exchange to the wallet application. I am having a lot of trouble with accessing my coins in the application. I am certainly not sure if I am going to keep my coins in the wallet. Accessibility seems like a huge issue. Can you please clarify if there is an issue going on? I believe it downloaded all the information from the blockchain because last time it took several hours to sync up.
Shibu Madhu

If you haven’t already, you might like to go back to the exchange and check the transaction went through.

Assuming it’s OK, please look at the answer to this question in the FAQ: I am stuck at the loading screen, it says “Connecting to network”. What should I do?

Follow the instructions there carefully. Good luck.