Daedalus download "Verify Signature" does not work

When downloading Daedalus at the IOHK website (https://daedaluswallet.io/#download), IOHK offers you the option of verifying the signature of the download (“Verify signature”). It is somewhat complicated - but, after looking at 2 videos on the method, I decided to try it. (I think most people skip this step because it is complicated)

The process did not work - I informed Zendesk of the problem (with screen shots of the error) - and they threw the problem back at me and said I should check with the certificate manager.

The problem I encountered was on the last page - I entered “signing.authority@iohk.io” – as directed by the instructions – but, Kleopatra never responded – after more than an hour. I tried several times from the beginning - and never got past this stage.

I consider this response from Zendesk to be unsatisfactory. They should at least notify IOHK of the problem - because, based on my experience, the download can not be verified. Something is wrong in the process.

Does anyone else have this problem?

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Hi there,
Could you check if the network access is allowed for Kleopatra - ensure that a firewall/defender is not blocking the connection? If allowed, you should see something similar to below :

Going through the instructions again (to be sure), I was able to successfully verify as you could see below:


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