Daedalus wallet - MacOS PGP signature verification issue

When following the instructions at this page

the final step is the actual verification. I right click the daedalus .pkg file and select OpenPGP: Verify Signature of File, and Finder pops up a window that says "GPG Services - Verifying signature of ‘daedalus-3.3.2-mainnet-16919.pkg’

Then the window disappears, without any promised Verification Results dialog. Is that a positive verification?

The .asc file is in the same folder. Mac OS 10.14.5

Any suggestions? TIA

I am a Windows 10 user. Not really sure how it works in Mac.

What I can say is that you have the official Daedalus Wallet download link. You can install it if you want, even without verification.

But of course, try to follow the step for verification, to make sure that your installer is not a scam.

Maybe another forum member could help you with Mas OS.