Daedalus 2.2.0

Any specifics to be aware of when upgrading to Daedalus 2.2.0? I recently installed the Mainnet wallet (Mac 0S); looks like upgrading to V.2.2.0 is the same process; sha256 checksum / verify signature etc. and just checking / asking if there’s anything to be look out for. Thanks.

Nothing to worry about, just install on top of existing version.

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Thanks for replying. I ran through the steps again: using Terminal (on Mac) to verify the checksum value and used GPG Tools to check authenticity of installer - which all worked exactly as it should: 2.2 upgrade successful. Also, if anybody is looking for a good instructional video to assist with installing the Mainnet wallet, this is good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otk2rjeZy8c&ab_channel=ADA4PROFIT

Is the Daedalus 2.2.0 not available for Mac OS? Whenever it takes me to the landing page it says you are working on a new wallet and check back soon. I haven’t been able to download 2.2.0 since it was announced?

You need to refresh the page, for some reason your browser has been showing you an old version for all this time. You could use a different browser.