Keep getting directed to download 2.0.1

hi, I’ve downloaded 2.0.1, gone through GPG steps & all looked good, but when I start Daedalus up it directs me again to the ‘Download 2.0.1’ window. what else is there?

  • if I re-download Daedalus 2.0.1 do I need to repeat the GPG steps?
  • what does the checksum step tell me?
    thanks for any help. I’ve had the Daedalus wallet for years but this 2.0.1 is more complicated than “install and run”…

Pretty sure it will be 2.1.0 you’re being told to install now, not 2.0.1 again. You should do it. Checksum step confirms software integrity. Personally, I don’t bother, when downloading from official sites, but the decision is your’s.

Holy cats, I do NOT know how I got wrapped around this issue, but downloaded >>2.1.0<< from Daedalus site wallet site & now everything seems normal. so all that PGP rigamarole I did was pointless. oh well. I had upgraded from Byron to Shelley on 7/30, all worked well, then this prompt started showing up. syncing with blockchain now, taking a while but I’ve read that’s the way it is for now.
anyway, thank you !! for replying, Rob.

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