Reinstalling Daedalus

I too am having problems with my Daedalus 0.11 wallet. Will not connect. Have tried all of the easy fixes to no avail. I plan to uninstall / delete Daedalus and reinstall. I see that the download page also has links for PGP signature and SHA256 Checksum. I am unfamiliar with these verification protocols. Should I follow instructions for both or just one? Do most people use these, or is simple download and install considered pretty safe? Thanks for you input.

Hi @John_D.

Please use the FAQ on -

To be clear, probably best to follow the instructions in the FAQ section that tells you not to uninstall but just delete the DB folder (sorry @Andy_Hendrikx!).


Thanks RobJF. I tried as you suggested to delte the DB folder, but the problem continues. Still not able to connect.