Any tips for a noob to install Daedalus on Win 7

Just downloaded latest version of Daedalus for Windows (v0.15.1) and it will not install.
This is a link to a screenshot of where the install fails…

Can someone please help me out

many thanks

Are you installing on top of a previous version? If so, it might help to uninstall that first. You shouldn’t have to recover the wallet, those files aren’t deleted during a normal uninstall. Or I’m 95% sure that will still be the case! :grin:

I have 0.11.2 currently installed but it cannot connect to the network. It just sits there trying to connect.
I have had this problem for over a year but since I am a hodler, it was not concerning me.
I have the passphrase, so, eventhough I feel a little nervious to uninstall it, according to your advice it is the only path forward.


Your screenshot suggests that you are currently have Daedalus up and running while trying to install it at the same time. If that’s the case, please close Daedalus first (or restart windows).

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I have solved it.
Am syncing the network,
it started at 37.7% about the time of the first post and now it is at 58.8%,
So it has taken about 2h for 20% syncing

I guess I have to wait till the whole blockchain is synced till can see if my coins are there

Daedalus is listed as WIndows 8.1 and Windows 10. I’m guessing that Windows 7 support dropped recently.