Can't install Daedalus Wallet on Windows 11

I’ve downloaded the 4.9.1 Daedalus Wallet for Windows and I’m trying to install it on Windows 11. When the exe is fully extracted, I’m offered the CLOSE button to press. I do so but then nothing ever installs. Right now, I’m stuck using two PCs because I can’t get the wallet on my new one.

You can open a ticket here :

or simply use an light wallet like Typhon, Eternl or Adalite.

Thanks. Would I have to unstake and then restake all my ADA with a new wallet?

No, you can import/restore the same wallet(s) in multiple wallet apps – even at the same time.

Wow! Please ignore this thread. I was expecting to see an actual install…not just an unpacking of an .exe. I closed the window but never thought to look and see if it was installed. It did. Thanks for your help.

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Hi im having the problem that I cant install 4.9.1 cause it says it has an error when opening the file for writing. I also tried closing the old version of Daedelus as the internet suggests. But you need to open Daedelus to install the Exe on windows. And I also configured my firewall settings to allow this app, so I dont know what to do…