Daedalus windows wallet will not install

Hi, I’m having trouble installing the Daedalus windows wallet. It downloads (I have 4 now) but it WILL NOT INSTALL. It keeps reporting ‘Error opening file for writing. C:\Program Files\Daedalus\cardano-node.exe Click abort to stop the installation Retry to try again or Ignore to skip this file’ Sounds important to me, still I press ‘ignore’, and the next and the next and the next (see where I’m going with this?)pop up says the same, albeit with important sounding filenames i.e. cardano-launcher; log-config-prod.yaml; version.text; build-certificates-win64.bat - and on and on.
Does anyone know what might be wrong?
Windows 7 ultimate. I’ve updated the windows OS, and restarted, I’ve got 4 Daedalus exe’s in downloads now and they all do it. They’re all the same size and I downloaded them from the https://daedaluswallet.io site via cardanohub with google chrome, as internet explorer wouldn’t show the downloads on the daedaluswallet site.
Any suggestions please?

This seems to be a Windows issue, not a Daedalus one. I googled “windows 7 program installation “error opening file for writing”” (without the outer quotes) and saw some suggestions including disabling UAC. Didn’t spend any time on it though, I’ll leave that to you!

I’ll get back to you when I’ve tried the suggestions.

Success. Just waiting to sync with the blockchain. Had to disable uac as admin. Disabled defender and kaspersky. Installed as admin also.

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And… it won’t a/ restore a backup from seed, or 2/ connect to the network. For 6 hours. I’ve already downloaded and synced with the blockchain. 3 times. This wallet is USELESS.
Edit: After much downloading of blockchain, syncing and connecting and much Windows 7 configuration (above plus: allow daedalus.exe through firewall) and leave the wallet alone it connected after some hours. Also I restarted numerous times, that may help.