Daedalus Feature - max possible amount always minus fees

Hi there, I noticed that when I transfer Ada I always enter an amount and try until it is possible to send them because I do not see the fees right away and the max possible amount to be entered does not adjust right away.

It would be better to see the fees necessary for the transaction right away and auto adjust the max possible amount so i can not enter more then available (cause of the fees)

For example: I have 100 Ada and want to transfer the full possible amount to another wallet. I have to try 99,98,97 and so on instead of directly seeing the fees and have a selector which puts in the max amount minus fees

What do you think? I hope I was clear enough to understand the issue :joy::+1:

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Yes you were clear enough and im pretty sure that problem is already on a to-do-list :slight_smile: