Zero'ing out a Wallet

Hey all, anyone else have difficulty getting every last drop of ADA out of a wallet on Daedalus?
I have a wallet that I want to completely empty out but I am unable to do so.

One wallet I have has: less than 0.009xxxx ADA left in it.
I have tried sending 10 ADA to it and then send all the rest of the ADA out: e.g. 10.009xxxxx.
With other wallets I have been able to get the wallet to 0.00000000, but this one in particular I am not able to do so.

It is not critical but I just want to get it to zero. Anyone else encounter this?
Cheers :slight_smile:

Hey @ADA_user

You just have to calculate yourself : total funds - transaction fee

Thats how you could clean it out totaly. Anyway i think there will be a function to “send all” which automaticly sends the max amount while still able to pay the fees.



In the interim, you can import the wallet into Yoroi as it has a “Send All” option already.

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I’ve tried that but with this particular wallet it won’t let me send the last bit. guess I’ll wait and see how the send all feature works.

very cool to know, I didn’t know about that feature. sounds great! thanks :slight_smile:

No worries, the beauty of a HW is that you can use it with all three clients: Daedalus, Yoroi, and ADALite.