Not enought ada for fees try sending a smaller amount

I have 48 ADA in daedalus wallet and I try to transfer 2 ADA to another wallet but is not possible and I become this error:

Not enough ADA for fees, try sending a smaller amount

I have a lot of another nft’s and anotherm cardano native assets in this wallet.

That is very frustrating because is non-sens.
What can I do?

There is a certain amount of ADA locked for each NFT you have in your wallet. This means all your ADA which you have left in your wallet are locked for your NFT’s.

How to resolve this problem please, (there ares 265 C(ash grab)NFT)
Transfer the nft’s to another wallet is not a option, so I guess I need more ADA , but how mutch more?

Thank you very much!

As far as I know, it could help to send all the NFTs to yourself in one transaction, because if you received them one by one they are each in lots of single transaction outputs with there own minimal ADA locked to stay with them, but if you send them to yourself they are all together in one transaction output and less ADA should be locked to stay with all of them together.

I don’t know if Daedalus algorithm for putting together transaction would find this possibility (take a lot of transaction outputs and unify them to one change output) on its own. It perhaps should.

Thank you, I double the ADA amount to 100 and is work