Transaction too big due to too many inputs


My wallet has a lot of different transactions, but I am unable to send myself ADA so I can set a pledge because CNTOOLS pulls from the oldest address, which I cant send any ADA to in Daeladus.

Does anyone have a solution?

Try to connect the ledger on

Doesnt work says transaction too big


Max I can send is 1800

Ok, try less amount then

I can only send 1800 and need 7000

But u perform more transactions with less amount? 1800x5

? What do you mean

I mean… send one transaction 1800 ADA and then send another transaction 1800 and so on til u will send 8000 ADA

Each of those cost extra ADA, this is a bug in their system…

Yes I know, then wait til they will fix it and u will can pledge

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Pain in the ass!

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do you think i missed the block because of kes key?

do I need the Chrony port opened on my block? 123 udp?


Nope, the port is fine, also inside the logs u didn’t find any issue related to missed block… it’s like the Producer didn’t expected to create the block

What does that mean didnt epect?

Look how it looks when I had issues

So you think my setup is good, it was just Cardano?

Yes, it should be fine… I mean if it was an issue with the Producer u should see some infos
Try to search inside the next log file.

I only get like 3-5 blocks a year so cant be missing any :stuck_out_tongue:

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But if u restart the Producer node… it will start again as a Producer right?