Can not transfer any ada from wallet

I am having problem. I can not send money from one of my wallet address. i thought maybe there was something with rewards and I had to wait an epoch or two but it’s been a few and there is more ada in the wallet now because of rewards. I would like to get the money out. here is a screen shot of the error i get when i try to send money from the wallet:

I am trying to send 1 ada, in this example, from the ‘old Main Shelly’ wallet. You can see the error I am getting, “Cannot calculate fees while there are pending transactions”. I have been getting this error for at least 2 weeks. this daedalus wallet has been opened and closed at least 20 times in that period and has been updated at least 2 times. My computer has also been restarted a few times in that time period…

If there is anyone who knows why this is happening, please let me know of point me in the direction of someone who does.

edit: It is now happening in the ‘old sophi pledge’ wallet as well… and that wallet has over 1,500 ada. I really need to figure out what is going on…

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Do you have a pending transaction in that wallet? If you go to the summary tab, there should be a list of transactions. Transactions should be green (received) or blue (sent). If there is any transactions any other colour, then that is likely to be a “stuck” transaction. There is a way to cancel stuck transactions in the GUI, but forget the exact details.

nope, no stuck transactions in either wallet. i downloaded the transactions and looked at all of them and there are no stuck transactions… here is a jpg of one of the wallets (the other one looks the same, just longer)

This is a bit disturbing… Has anyone had this issue before?

edit: I just noticed that the transaction that deposited my last bit of rewards is not on this list but is showing in my wallet balance… the transaction is also not showing in daedalus.\

edit#2: I only have 189 ada ( i know the price is going up - so it is getting to be more valuable) and I do not plan on using this wallet again. I am ok with giving someone at IOG my secret words so they can figure this out… In my other wallet that is stuck, there is 1,533 ada. I really don’t want to loose all of this money…


Does anyone have the IOG technical support link?

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U have the possibility to install yoroi wallet and restore ur daedalus there (in yoroi);
It is a light wallet (available for desktop/mobile) so it will work smoothly!
Download only from OFFICIAL SOURCES!
Be carefull to COPY the SEED WORDS for ur new wallet!


not working in yoroi either. Here is a screen shot… notice 1) I am trying to only send 1 ada. 2) I have 1533.260537 in the account. 3) I have an error saying I don not have enough funds to send the transaction.

the only difference between daedalus and yoroi is the error message. Daedalus says that i have a pending transaction and yoroi says i do not have enough funds…

Check ur adresa on

It has funds?
I think u should contact IOHK team… weird