Daedalus 3.3.1#16693 cannot calculate fees while there are pending transactions

Trying to send some ada, wallet is up to date, synced with NO pending transactions I get the error:

“cannot calculate fees while there are pending transactions” in the amount box.

Number of pending transactions: 0


I have this same problem. I have no pending transactions yet I am unable to send any ada because of this error.

I’ve the exact error while trying to send ADA

I got a message on Telegram, This happens if you have emptied your wallet and it then gets staking rewards. You can’t transfer them because the wallet needs some non-reward ADA (like 2) for the transaction.

I don’t understand why and the error message is really bad. It should say “Please add Ada to release your staking rewards” or something.

Confirmed, I sent 2 ada to this wallet and was able to send from it.

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This worked for me thank you!