ADA sent "Transaction Pending"

My 10 year old son had some money left over from his Birthday and Christmas. I ask him what he wanted to do with it and he said " buy some ADA". I was sure to explain the risks associated with such an investment, but he believes in what IOHK is doing with Cardano as much as I do. That said, we created his wallet and I sent him 30 ADA from my wallet. The ADA was received in his wallet, but I continue to see “Transaction Pending” on my wallet. The wallets are on the same computer. I have restarted Deadalus and even rebooted the machine. After syncing with the network it still says “Transaction Pending”.

I suspect if you close Daedalus and restart it that this will update. I’ve noticed I have to close the wallet - not refresh - to get an update of ADA amounts. Let me know if that works. Btw, that’s an impressive 10 year old you have. Good job!

I just noticed in your post you did that. Apologies.

I tried closing Daedalus and rebooting. After syncing it still says “Transaction Pending”.

Love it, indoctrinate them properly while they are young!

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I faced the same issue. Have you sorted it out?

IMO, Cardano is a very promising project but recent issues with wallet raised some concerns. Hope the team can focus to resolve it soon.

I have not resolved this yet. I now have the issue of of the Daedalus wallet syncing forever.

Yep, I’ve encountered it sometimes. If you are on MacOSX, you need to turn off “Set datetime automatically” in Date & Time Preference, restart the machine. Or perhaps, delete the wallet and resynchronise again.

TBH, I don’t know when will these issues will be resolved completely as it’s hurting the reputation (because the people will at least expect the wallet to work perfectly over any fancy features)