Cant calculate fees while transactions are pending

i cant send funds because daedalus says “cant calculate fees while transactions are pending” but there are no transactions pending (at least not that i see in the transaction logs or on the blockchain explorer).

i deleted the wallet and restored it, same problem.

updated daedalus this morning, same problem.

contacted support through website… more or less ignored, got a standard reply but not any actual help.

You should update Daedalus then check whether this is still happening. An update is just out, start the program and look out for the message after syncing is complete (maybe a few minutes).

did that. still happening.

you know what, im sorry i tried to get help from a bunch of fanboys. i should have just figured it out myself. my bad. im sorry. i will never ask for help from any of you again. my bad. sorry.

Hi There,
If you’re on telegram, could you hit techsupport group to share logs for your attempt?

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