Only one transaction possible until the last transaction is finished (Daedalus)

Hi all, I have the problem that I can only send one transaction at a time in Deadalus. This was different some time ago. In various NFT mints I could send multiple transactions and they were all “pending”. But now when I try to send a 2nd or 3rd transaction, I only get the message: “Cannot calculate fees while there are pending transactions” I would accept that, if it didn’t work already once. Some friends do not have this problem. They just send 10 txn in a row.

It is also strange that my wallet has become extremely slow when sending. As soon as I have entered the recipient address and the ADA, my wallet needs 20-30 sec until the “fees” are calculated and I can click on “send”. After I have clicked on send it also takes about 20 sec until I can use my wallet.

I have already completely uninstalled and reinstalled Daedalus and restored my wallet. But the result is the same. I have 32GB RAM, an i7 and an SSD.
I have also already adjusted the topology file and added a German relay node.

I also did a test on a VPS. Ubuntu & Daedalus, newly created wallet. The wallet is nice and fast, fees are calculated immediately and the transaction is sent quickly. But even here I have the problem that I can only send a txn, as long as the previous one is still on “pending”.

Can anyone tell me why I have this problem and my friends don’t?
Why has my wallet become so extremely slow on the PC? I feel like the more txn that have taken place in a wallet, the slower everything gets. Or are there certain ports that need to be released? My PC is also underutilized in terms of resources.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: