Daedalus Feature request

I would like to see live ADA stats added to Daedalus:
Current trade value against BTC, ETH and Fiat (chose USD or w/e)
Change over last hour, last 24 hours, last 7 days
My wallet’s ADA value in Fiat and how that has changed over last hour, 24h, 7 days
Delegation statistics ( 24hr gain, 7 day gain, 30 day gain, etc)

Also the summary screen does not need a list of old transaction (hide any that are over 30 days)

Thank you!


Daedalus isn’t a Trading platform :crazy_face:
But the far goal of Daedalus is to create a multi wallet also with oppoprtunity to fiat pairs.
Which prices should be used? Binance? Bittrex? Upbit? A average of all?


Daedalus is an ADA wallet and soon to be a multi currency wallet. Probably not a good thing to complicate it further by turning it into something more complex again.

Probably better to keep Daedalus as just a wallet and to then use whatever trading platform you prefer.

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When you go to download Daedalus from https://daedaluswallet.io/ one of the things you see is ADA value graph, it is useful to have information about the currency you are holding giving the volatile nature of concurrency markets. There is no reason why this graph could not be displayed within Daedalus. Also it is annoying to open calc.exe to multiply my ADA amount by current rate to see where I stand… Daedalus does not need to be a trading platform to display useful information about the currency it stores. Furthermore every open Daedalus on the network is a resource and the more reasons you give to people to open it often and/or keep it open the more network resources you have.