Daedalus is a disaster for Cardanos reputation

Agreed, but the sun is setting on full node clients anyway. Who needs them, if we can have the same level of security with lite clients?

Perhaps the Daedalus brand is worth preserving. In the future however, we are likely to see lite clients (i.e. that also work on your phone) that not only seamlessly work with assets on multiple chain, but also manage our digital identity and associated verifiable credentials. We are going to want to use wallets that can handle all aspects of our digital life, only one of which is receiving/sending digital currency.

Not sure if Daedalus wants to become such a thing. If it does, interoperability based on open standards, which BTW already exist, would be key. A digital wallet project worth talking about has a much larger scope than what we currently have in the Daedalus client.

Chromium as a runtime choice isn’t such a bad idea IMHO. You want to run this thing as a desktop app, a browser plugin, a webapp and on your phone, right? One code base, one comprehensive testsuite/docs, one dev team. There are plenty of apps that do this already.

Thanks for your input - most folks turn around and walk away silently