Daedalus isn't working with Ledger

To save Me I cannot get my Daedalus to work. I reinstalled in on my PC and it was fast for some reason even tho I uninstalled it I didn’t have to verify the block chain or anything it was just done. I still can’t switch stake pools. Now It just sticks on connecting to network forever…Is there some serious bug with Daedalus and Ledger or just Daedalus?

Also, any advice on Ledger…Like I heard it was more secure but it’s so hard to use I don’t think it’s worth it. Will my ADA be safe if I just stored it in my Daedalus program so at least I didn’t have to fight with connectivity problems of Ledger and the horribly clunky buttons on there that are like a 70’s computer program…

Any help would be appreciated I’m so confused and frustrated I can’t even mess with my ADA at all with all these problems.

U have the keys on ledger so U can use a light wallet to access the funds

  1. U can use yoroi extension for chrome (download from official sources)
  • install yoroi extension
  • open yoroi
  • add wallet (shelley era)
  • connect ledger
  1. Or u can use adalite.io
  • go to adalite.io
  • connect HW wallet
  • unlock with ledger (method webUSB)
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I am actually considering switch to Yoroi…will it mess up my staking rewards, I hate to start all over and have to wait a month again…but this is frustrating…

Thanks for the help on this tho!

Nope, u will not need to wait… u delegated the ledger wallet so the delegation process will not be affected :wink: