Daedalus on Linux | IOHK Statement

At Input Output HK we’ve heard your requests for Daedalus on Linux and are pleased to announce it’s ready for public beta testing. Given the variety of Linux distributions and customizations we want to gather feedback from the community before making a fully supported Linux release.

This beta test is aimed at Linux users who are comfortable running a script in a terminal.


This is beta software we are releasing for testing If you test with Ada in this build we ask that you:

  1. Use small amounts

  2. Confirm the 12-word wallet recovery phrase restores your wallet in a supported Windows or MacOS build

  3. As always, keep your wallet recovery phrase safe.

In supported Windows and macOS builds there is mechanism for fetching update versions from the blockchain. That feature is disabled in this Linux beta release. Consequently, when the production Linux release is available you won’t be prompted to update to the next version. Instead you will have to install the initial production release manually. Look for an FAQ entry on the Daedalus website after the production release.


These steps assume you are comfortable running scripts in a Linux terminal and are logged into a graphical desktop session as a user other than root.

  1. Download the installer: https://update-cardano-mainnet.iohk.io/Daedalus-mainnet-installer-

  2. Verify the sha256 hash: sha256sum ~/Downloads/Daedalus-mainnet-installer-

  • Expected: e3966a478fd8e66f39a5e5e5e09c85dae9b9fed21854f24c736790789eeaa963
  1. Run the installer: bash ~/Downloads/Daedalus-mainnet-installer-
  • On some Linux distributions this may initially fail and request you to run some commands to enable kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone . After doing that try running the installer again.
  1. Start Daedalus
  • Desktop menu (installer creates ~/.local/share/applications/Daedalus.desktop )

  • Run: ~/bin/daedalus

Providing Feedback

We want to hear about your experience, both good and otherwise. There are two recommended ways to submit feedback directly to us. Either way, please include the phrase Linux Beta in the submission form.

  1. Click on the bug icon in Daedalus.
  • This is the best option if you had problems because it allows you the option to submit your logs if you select this.
  1. Go to Daedalus support page and click the email support button.

Thanks for taking part in this beta test, we appreciate your help in getting this software ready for general release.

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Great news! I know a lot of people have been waiting for this.

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Yes this release was a frequently requested :smiley:

is it possible to change default value of DAEDALUS_DIR=$HOME/.local/share/Daedalus?

Partly yes, by adding the followings into the deadalus shell script:

  1. export XDG_DATA_HOME=<wherever you want it to store> and or set it globally (not recommended)
  2. add -p XDG_DATA_HOME to the nix chroot.

As it will create the Daedalus/mainnet directory under the XDG_DATA_HOME.

A working example:

export XDG_DATA_HOME=/home/user/mainnet_db
exec ./nix/store/4xbn31l2fr95vp9z7g7ayxzy19ywcpnd-nix-user-chroot-2c52b5f/bin/nix-user-chroot \ 
-n ./nix -c -m /home:/home -m /etc:/host-etc -m etc:/etc -p DISPLAY \ 
-- /nix/var/nix/profiles/profile/bin/enter-phase2 daedalus

It is crashing my Gnome Wayland session on Fedora 27 (up-to-date). However, it works smoothly on a Gnome Xorg session.

I do not think that electron currently supports Wayland as electron is based on official chromium libgtkui (GTK-2) which is currently supported only on X11.

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But please when will the Android wallet be ready?