Daedalus Testnet stop syncing at epoch: 214 slot: 426,795

My Daedalus Testnet has not been able to sync past epoch: 214 slot: 426,795. I’ve been running the node for a long time. I also tried erasing old data and rebuilding the database but it gets back to that epoch and refuses to sync further.

Could it be that that’s the point when the Vasil hardfork testnet was launch? Is there a solution?

Also the Daedalus Testnet wallet is still running on node version 1.34. Will there be an update of the wallet itself to update to the new node?

Also just to mention my regular mainnet Daedalus is syncing OK. It’s just the testnet version I’m having problem with.

Vasil certainly has not around back in 2020 … are you getting any errors or other indications of why it is failing in the logs?

Epoch count is totally different on testnet. Epoch 214 was, in fact, the last epoch before the Vasil fork.

But Slot 426795 is not the last one, but a few hours earlier: https://testnet.cardanoscan.io/block/3680439
Slot 431969 is the very last before Vasil: https://testnet.cardanoscan.io/block/3680594

You have to update your node to 1.35. 1.34 cannot work on testnet since the hardfork.

EDIT: Ah, sorry, Daedalus … you cannot do anything. Use another wallet app.

Don’t know if they just forgot it. Hopefully, they will at least update mainnet Daedalus in time.

Thanks all for your reply. I decided to contact the Devs and they just informed me that they will release an updated version of Daedalus Testnet next week or so which should rectify the problem.

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As my previous post, there is now an update to version 4.12 for the Daedalus Testnet which fixes the problem.