Daedalus Version: 1.0.0-FC4...WOW!...what speed, is this for real IOHK...Awesome!

I was stunned at the speed at which the new Daedelus Version: 1.0.0-FC4 displayed my ADA balances the moment I selected the Agreement button. It was nearly instant!

Compared to even Daedelus Version: 1.0.0-FC3 which took about 30secs which was a huge difference from the Daedelus Mainnet version. I couldn’t believe this, so in my Skepticism, I did what one does…

Skeptics Test by:

  1. I unstalled both Daedelus Version: 1.0.0-FC4 and Daedelus Mainnet version and
  2. Rebooted my computer, in case, it was using data stored in my computer from the previous installations…just my suspicions…just thinking.
  3. I re-installed Daedelus Version: 1.0.0-FC4 only…BOOM! instantly! the Summary screen with my ADA balances were displayed…AWESOME!

Super fast, sychronisation to Cardano Blockchain! Whatever you guys are doing…Users will be saying …WOW!..never ever thought we would get this good!

Thanks IOHK Team

My Computer Spec, if it helps anyone compare


how much time did you spend for syncing blocks ?! create a new wallet or restore your old wallet !?

Synching to the Cardano Blockchain was as fast as opening a browser!..That is why I couldn’t believe it at first and did the complete re-install. It made no difference…still the same speed! I hope others can verify my experience…it would be a great encouragement to the developers.

BTW, my previous versions experiences are in: My current Experience (up to 04/08/2020) with Daedelus Wallet, Daedelus Flight v2, Daedelus TN v1, Yori Light Client