My current Experience (up to 04/08/2020) with Daedelus Wallet, Daedelus Flight v2, Daedelus TN v1, Yori Light Client

As a user, just wanted to confirm from my experience the following that:

  1. Mainnet Daedulus Wallet now synchronises with Cardano Blockchain within 60secs after I close the application for a period of 12hrs. This is fantastic compared to even a week ago.

  2. Daedelus Flight v1 took around 8hrs to sychronise with Cardano Blockchain. Initially, after about 6hrs, when it had reached about 88.7% and seemed to be stuck, I gave up and closed it. The following day, I restarted it and it picked-up from where it had left off, and within 2minutes it had reached 100% synchronisation. After that, it took less than 60secs to sychronise when it was closed down for 12hrs.

  3. Daedelus Flight v2 took about 40 seconds to sychronise after installation. I had previously uninstalled Daedelus Flight v1. It also automatically included all the data from Daedelus Flight v1 which was fantastic! because I didn’t have to go through the process of creating a new wallet name and entering the passphrase, etc. Today, it synchronises about as fast as Yoroi!

  4. Daedelus TN v1 now also sychronises with Cardano Blockchain within 30secs! A month ago it was unpredictable, and sometimes I had to close and restart it. Now,…that is history.

  5. Yori Light Client - has always been very easy to use from the start. I have used Yori sychronisation to the Cardano Blockchain as a benchmark for the various Daedelus versions …

My Experience - Overall conclusion:

Fantastic effort IOHK! Daeduls Flight v2 is now about as fast as Yori after closing them for 12hrs and restarting them.

Keenly waiting for the next upgrade towards Shelley!



Nice nice i see its slowly comes to shelly,pffff cant wait,but team&charles h, is working so hard dont want to disturb :muscle:in 6 months you gone be much in heaven what the team has done ,fantastic honest team&charles​:top: