Daedalus wallet for Android, Windows Phones and Windows 10 32 bit


Hi everyone. Just joined this forum and have a few questions.

  1. What is the latest on the Android Daedalus wallet?

  2. Will there be a Daedalus wallet for Windows Phones? My phone is Windows 8.1

  3. My home computer is Windows 10 32 bit. Any work-around so I can get the Daedalus wallet working on that 32 bit pc?

Dave :smiley:



  1. There is no Android Daedalus wallet! WHATEVER YOU’VE FOUND ON A STORE IS A SCAM!
  2. There won’t be Daedalus for WP 8.1 definitely. WP 8 is obsolete and so is Windows 10 Mobile. Windows Core OS should replace them but you would need new device and probably won’t come out soon.
  3. I think it’s virtually impossible to for 32bit processor to run 64bit application. Can someone confirm?


They have plans for Android wallet, definitely we will get android wallet in future. There is no new update on android wallet.

As @VladimirKrstic said it is not possible I suppose.


Ok thanks VladimirKrstic and Jam35x for your response. Appreciate it!