Daedalus wallet for Android, Windows Phones and Windows 10 32 bit

Hi everyone. Just joined this forum and have a few questions.

  1. What is the latest on the Android Daedalus wallet?

  2. Will there be a Daedalus wallet for Windows Phones? My phone is Windows 8.1

  3. My home computer is Windows 10 32 bit. Any work-around so I can get the Daedalus wallet working on that 32 bit pc?

Dave :smiley:


  1. There is no Android Daedalus wallet! WHATEVER YOU’VE FOUND ON A STORE IS A SCAM!
  2. There won’t be Daedalus for WP 8.1 definitely. WP 8 is obsolete and so is Windows 10 Mobile. Windows Core OS should replace them but you would need new device and probably won’t come out soon.
  3. I think it’s virtually impossible to for 32bit processor to run 64bit application. Can someone confirm?
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They have plans for Android wallet, definitely we will get android wallet in future. There is no new update on android wallet.

As @VladimirKrstic said it is not possible I suppose.

Ok thanks VladimirKrstic and Jam35x for your response. Appreciate it!

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