Daedalus Wallet Linux problem


i use the daedalus wallet on two machines. Laptop with intel cpu works perfect.
On my AMD64 Desktop i cannot start the wallet. Here is the output im getting:

‘/bin’ -> ‘/nix/var/nix/profiles/profile-mainnet/bin/’
‘/etc/protocols’ -> ‘/nix/store/s4ns0y7nnqvjyzy0n99chbml2n6xvzl7-iana-etc-20180108/etc/protocols’
‘/etc/services’ -> ‘/nix/store/s4ns0y7nnqvjyzy0n99chbml2n6xvzl7-iana-etc-20180108/etc/services’
‘/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt’ -> ‘/nix/store/y1la7mv3b95ka3hbfk4p9hpmxbfv6kka-nss-cacert-3.34.1/etc/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt’
‘/etc/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt’ -> ‘/nix/store/y1la7mv3b95ka3hbfk4p9hpmxbfv6kka-nss-cacert-3.34.1/etc/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt’

  • test -z ‘’
  • XDG_DATA_HOME=/home/hammer/.local/share
  • export CLUSTER=mainnet
  • CLUSTER=mainnet
  • export DAEDALUS_DIR=/home/hammer/.local/share/Daedalus
  • DAEDALUS_DIR=/home/hammer/.local/share/Daedalus
  • export DAEDALUS_CONFIG=/nix/var/nix/profiles/profile-mainnet/etc
  • DAEDALUS_CONFIG=/nix/var/nix/profiles/profile-mainnet/etc
  • mkdir -p /home/hammer/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet/Logs/pub /home/hammer/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet/Secrets
  • cd /home/hammer/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet/
  • exec /nix/store/v6w6zvjvjs47sa8hk83y7d50v40cvwvl-cardano-daedalus-bridge-2.0.0/bin/cardano-launcher --config /nix/var/nix/profiles/profile-mainnet/etc/launcher-config.yaml
    [cardano-sl.launcher:Info:ThreadId 4] [2019-01-20 13:54:54.24 UTC] using configurations: ConfigurationOptions {cfoFilePath = “/nix/var/nix/profiles/profile-mainnet/etc/configuration.yaml”, cfoKey = “mainnet_wallet_linux64”, cfoSystemStart = Nothing, cfoSeed = Nothing}

Nothing appears afterwards. I tried in VirtualBox on same desktop in a windows environment and the wallet is working there - so it has nothing todo with my old AMD Phenom X4 CPU (i thought maybe i miss some CPU features)

Any ideas here?


Infos: I use a Debian system based on 18.04 ubuntu here (elementary os 5)


I am running a VM of Ubuntu 18.04 on virtual box and Daedalus works fine on that. Is it possible there is a difference in how the Debian version of Linux handles the /home/hammer directory? I don’t know. Maybe @rdlrt Priyank can help.

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Hi There,

I see there is a similar issue open on github, but does not have much details.

  1. Could you run the below and share /tmp/output.log (do a ‘sudo yum -y install strace’ if strace is missing):
    strace -o /tmp/output.log ~/.local/bin/daedalus-mainnet
  2. Also, Is it possible for you to share the log files from the following folder :

Lastly, if you’re on telegram, could you hit the @CardanoCommunityTechnical group?


Thx @Octalus ,
Unfortunately I forgot to add a follow tag to strace , could you re-run strace with a -f parameter?
Also, are you on telegram ? We may have to run some tests interactively…You can find me in https://t.me/cardanocommunitytechsupport group

It appears that a non-optimized library version is being loaded.

Can you run apt and update your system?

i do this every few days on my system.
Which library is problematic and can i try to reinstall it somehow? maybe with another installation it went bad?

-> upgrade system does not change anything here
-> also tried the new 0.12.1 release without changes

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Did you have to run:

sudo sysctl -w kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone=1
sudo echo kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone=1 > /etc/sysctl.d/nix-user-chroot.conf

Before installing?


no this was not needed Todo for a successfull Installation so far.
Should i try a reinstall including this command before it?

Makes no difference, tried it.

–> Which library is problematic?

Sorry about the delay, I do not get notified when someone posts.
Can you verify that your coprocessor has been recognized by your OS?
Also, looking at your logs, does this location exist?


If it does make sure you own those locations, user and group, you should be the one running the app.


so i checkt the .local/bin and yes it is there and i own it as user.
For the co-processor thing i’m not sure how to find it out - i printed an ‘cpuid’ output to a text file. Here everything for my cpu should be inside i hope.


The fact that the daedalus wallet is working in a windows VM on base of the same system shows me that it is not a problem of the cpu capabilities i think.