Daedalus wallet - moving blockchain data folder out of appdata (win64)

Hey there, I’m curious if the daedalus wallet can be configured to store the blockchain data in a custom path. Currently with version win64-1.0.3402.0, the data all seems to be set to the %appdata% folder.

I read the documentation on https://cardanodocs.com/technical/cli-options/ about the options and cardano-wallet has a switch for ‘db-path’, which I also see in the deadalus.bat file that is launched by the shortcut when running.

If I edit the daedalus.bat file with change the “-n --db-path” to reference my custom location, will the rest of the wallet work as normal? Also, if this is supported, would future updates overwrite this?

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–Edit: I should’ve mentioned, I have modified the daedalus.bat file and it appears to be syncing to correct custom location, but I have not tried to do much else in the wallet in fear of losing ada.

So you were able to change the path of the start up file? Do you have daedalus on a flash drive?

I installed the wallet to a flash drive but I haven’t been able to successfully move all data out of the %appdata% location… when I tried to change all the paths in the batch file, the cardano-launcher.exe threw an error when launching.

I probably just fat-fingered something so I restored the batch file to the original and changed the DB path only and have been able to successfully run the wallet for the last week and made a few transactions to make sure it was syncing correctly.

I’ll probably step through each %APPDATA% var in the batch file and change one at a time to see if it’s supported. My main concern was to get the blockchain data out of the user profile directory which seems to be working fine by modifying the db-path switch in daedalus.bat to your desired location-

-n --db-path ^
-n “%DAEDALUS_DIR%\DB-1.0” ^

I’m sure I’ll have to redo the .bat file after any wallet upgrades but what I did was in the daedalus.bat file change all APPDATA entries to DATADIR and then modify the SET DATADIR=[custom path]. I was able to move the entire data folder to the custom path and all of the various file accesses (db, log, etc.) used the custom path.

In windows 10 you can go to “settings - system - storage - change where new content is saved” and set a different drive for all app data storage; for that user… This will create a new “username” folder on that drive, including all the trimmings like AppData. It only works for this case if done before the Daedalus install. But still a handy tip for anyone using an SSD and wanting to save space on the OS drive… If you don’t want to reinstall follow this tutorial…

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