Daedalus Wallet V 2.1.0 does not recognize wallets from Byron V 0.15.1

When I downloaded and got my new Daedalus wallet V 2.1.0 synced to 100% it only gives me the option to Create or Restore a wallet. Every video tutorial I watch says that the new version will recognize and ask to Import wallets from older versions of Daedalus. My ITN wallet works fine and shows my correct ADA balances. I am running Mac OS 10.14.5 with plenty of storage. I sent in a support ticket and received a link to a video on how to Restore a wallet. Still unsure why my existing wallets do not show up automatically and have found no answers ANYWHERE. I do not want to do the wrong thing. Does anyone have a clue of how to solve this issue? Thank you in advance for your time.

Issue solved. I just needed to Create a new Shelley wallet and transfer ADA into it. Easy. However, I wish somewhere, someone would have said that if your new Mainnet wallet doesn’t automatically detect and import your Byron wallets, just do the above. I hope this helps someone who was stuck like I was. Ready to stake!!

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