Recovering ADA from old wallet, no seed but log in


First, thanks in advance for your time even if there is no solution.

•2 years ago I moved ADA to Daedalus wallet into a notebook from my exchange account.
•I lost my seed (smart, thx).
•Mainnet few days ago was launch.
•I did all the process to sync the Daedalus wallet using hard disk (not enough room in PC).
•Mainnet downloads everything and ask me for ¨restore wallet¨ or ¨create a new one¨ but it doesn’t detect any wallet logged into the PC.

I Guess:
•Because I didn’t sync wallet it doesn’t recognise it, but still hope.

When I try to sync the old wallet (not the Mainnet that is already working perfectly) it is stuck in ¨connecting to network¨.

¿Is the connection from old wallet is lost?

I have been working with a friend of mine on this for days and we can’t find the solution.

Once again, we appreciate your time,
Best regards

Don’t know the answer I’m afraid but you should certainly submit a support request.

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Thanks for your time @RobJF I will do it!

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There will be Import feature enabled in upcoming Daedalus releases that should allow you to restore funds from Wallet folders locally, so there’s hope. But I would advise you to not take any drastic actions before.

Indeed, raise it with Zendesk as Rob suggested - but just ensure to not delete/move the original wallet folders at any time.


Thanks for your reply!

It sounds like a great feature, I will have everything safe and wait.