Deadalus can't sync and I lost my passphrase :(


First i’m sorry if my english is not good, i will try my best.

I use :

  • deadalus wallet (last update)
  • windows 10 ( last update)
  • a good computer with fast internet connection

I bought ADA one year ago. I installed deadalus several weeks ago and install my wallet with my passphrase. Then I had different problems in my life and I gave up some time. Now I have time to take care of it I realize that I lost my passphrase ( i m so stupid…) I still have daedalus on my computer AND MY WALLET !!! but Daedalus cannot connect :frowning:

Is it possible to do something without reinstalling everything from the beginning and especially without needing the passphrase?
Have I lost everything?
Can anyone help me?

screenshot :


is it the last daedalus version? 3.2.0?

do you have any antivirus or program (like windows firewall) activated which can block the connection?

Also you can contact IOHK support team here

can be an option to wait till IOHK will release a daedalus version which will support to restore the wallet by importing the secret.key file from an older version… but there is no ETA yet

You should backup the secret.key file


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You are out of luck by losing your passphrase.

Yes It is daedalus3.2.0 and i close my antivirus or firewall.

OK, do you have the spending password?
Great news, next week will be possible to restore your wallet by importing private key from an older version. But you still need the spending password

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Yes I have the speeding password.
Thank for your help, i will wait and hope it work…

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if i lost my seed from testnet staking, will i be able to recoup the 36,000 ada i staked if i have the spending password?

It will, someone already did with daedalus flight today … if you wanna try you can download it right now or you can wait for daedalus mainnet ;


you can wait till next week to restore on daedalus mainnet, or u can try on daedalus flight
and yes, if you have the spending password and secret.key you should be able to restore your wallet.


i will try now and yes, i will delegate those to your pool

ok, downloaded and flight needs seed phrase…im outta luck

how’s that? use the import option… import from file

I also have the same issue as the person that posted this. I don’t remember anything about the wallet. I haven’t touched it in nearly 3 1/2 years. What should I do?

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Do u have the spending password?

I don’t even know what that is. Is there a way I could get it?

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When u created the wallet u set a wallet name and spending password… after that it generated a seed from 12 words;
U didn’t copied them?

This was so long ago, I didn’t know the wallet would have so many issues. I could put a couple guesses but where would guess this info at? I don’t have the 12 word

I think I know what I made my spending password. I’m not sure where to put this info

Then, u will have the posibility to restore ur wallet based on security.key… wait till next week and a new version of daedalus will be released

okay but how do I try to restore? The wallet is just saying “connecting to network”