Deadalus can't sync and I lost my passphrase :(

Do u have seed words (12 words) also?

No I don’t.

Ok, then wait till next daedalus version 3.3.0 will be available, then install it and restore ur wallet by importing the files from an older version

Do you know when the next version is coming out? and is there going to be a video on how to import the files?

Next week fo sure…

okay and just checking, the spending password is a password you set manually right? Just trying to make sure I remember mine

Yes, u set it from the keyboard when u created the wallet anyway u will have the posibillity to try more passwords in case u are not remember from forst shot

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Okay cool! thank you very much. I’ll be waiting for the update!

I ll be waiting for u to delegate!

Haha forsure! Why does this wallet just sit on the “connecting to network” screen anyways? Is there no way to fix that lol?

Nope, because that version is not available anymore… u need the last version if daedalus

I have hopes you remember your spending password. Hope you don’t fall in the no return category like many of us. Sadly there is not a solution for many of us.
@Alexd1985 how many people you see everyday that lost access to their funds? isn’t it time to start making a change to help these people?

I want, but how? I can’t provide them the spending password;

I am not asking your for a solution or a plan for that good sir, I just asked how many of these your see around the foruns. For all that I read you did your best to help and I thank you for that in name of all who lost their Ada.
My main problem is there this number of issues are growing and there is no plan to resolve them yet.

what do you mean? daedalus flight already released and supports import from file feature… daedalus mainnet 3.3.0 will be release in few days… I think the team worked hard to implement this feature… but spending password still required in order to move your funds!

Yes this will Save every user that lost their seed password. But for all I know this Import feature will not undo the spending password.

So with this “new” import feature the loss of the Seed is less of a problem them the Spending password it self.

So for many this will save their investments while other still face the same “nothing we can do” issue

nope, but at least they will have the chance to try … maybe out of 100 attempts one is lucky

I don’t mean to be rude, but if deadalus worked correctly a lot of people wouldn’t have all these problems… There is obviously a big synchronization and connection problem with this software.

define uncorrectly

Are you saying that my connection problem and that of many other users does not exist?
If I had known I would never have used this “deadalus software” to manage my ADA.