dApp listing website www.adaption.us

Hi all!

My name is Joe (Zsolt) from the team of Adaption, and i would like to introduce www.adaption.us a Cardano dApp listing website.

It’s getting to be hard to follow every project and to be up to date. For the smaller projects it’s also hard to get visible in the noise.

Our goal is to create a central, transparent hub for users and developers.

Developers can submit their dApp, edit it any time.

3 major upgrades are coming

  • newsfeed where devs can share with any important event such as reached milestones, new listing, new partnership etc. with the community.
  • comment section to discuss any question / feedback on the dApps profile
  • statistics

Please have a look at our work, any feedback is welcomed!

Thank you!

Site: www.adaption.us
Twitter: @AdaptionUs