DC Fund

The DC Fund

Charles Talked about the DC Fund during his video a few weeks ago. According to Charles, someone somewhere is suppose to be accepting applications on Monday September 7th. Beyond where the applications are going, there seems to be some other confusion about the DC Fund. I thought I understood the basic DC Fund process until I saw a few messages / forum responses / videos that just managed to confuse me all over again. Can someone who knows please answer these questions for me and the rest of the community. thank you.

  1. There was a question about where to go to learn about the DC Fund and on 2 occasions the people looking for information were sent here: https://forum.cardano.org/c/english/cips/122 . This seems to be the Cardano Improvement proposal (CIP) forum. Are these programs synonymous?

  2. In Charles video, he asked interested and prospective youtube channels to apply for the DC Fund and then he said that the Cardano Foundation might help out also… I though the DC Fund came from the Cardnao Foundation after being voted on. I am now confused, who administers the DC Fund? IOHK, Cardano foundation, or Cardano.org?

  3. September 7th is fast approaching… Is their a specific form or template that we need to follow when submitting a DC Fund request or are we able to submit a request formatted as we see fit?

  4. What is the waiting period / voting period for each request, When does the clock start / stop?

  5. After we submit the request, is there a place we can send community members to view the request or should we market them ourselves and provide copies to community members?

  6. What is the initial voting process going to be? Or do we have to wait until on chain voting to get our requests approved / denied?

  7. Are you having a good day? I hope so!

Thanks in advance for these answers!



Good questions. I am very curious too! If there isn’t ample time after details are provided for projects to design their proposal’s accordingly (e.g. if voting happens right away, as Charles made it sound) then I worry that pre-fab proposals, possibly from within IOG/Foundation or close to them, will have a leg up over smaller projects.

I asked Phillipe a similar question in a recent post and he didn’t have any more information than us. Basically, proposals will be submitted through Submittable.

Best of luck if your’e submitting!

Thanks for commenting… I just looked up submittable… I did not know what that was. How do we use submittable in conjunction with this. Does IOHK or the foundation have an account we submit to?


I just searched for Cardano and similar terms on submittable and it did not return anything… o well. Guess we will just wait…

@anthony_stachowitz we’re in the primordial soup, I pray there’s some substance to it, " said the caterpillar