Reminder on the Theme of the current funding round (Fund 2)for Catalyst

Hi, all. Based on some of the comments I’ve seen on Reddit there seems to be a little confusion regarding project submissions for the current funding round (Round 2). There is a theme for this funding round which is to come up with projects and ideas that will encourage development on the platform.
Below is an except from a blog post on catalyst which spells this out

Initially, we’re keeping the focus tight, asking the community to address a challenge statement: “How can we encourage developers and entrepreneurs to build Dapps and businesses on top of Cardano in the next 6 months?” Funding proposals (or ‘FPs’) can address this with a wide variety of ideas – from marketing initiatives and infrastructure development, to business planning and content creation.

Full blog post (worth reading) here:

Here is a project I thought was cool:!/323490-48088

The deadline for entry is the 30th so if anyone has ideas please submit them! We are in the very beginning stages and this entire process is very experimental and changing rapidly. Very exciting times!

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Good news, bad news. Sadly dragged off to work on Automating production for Corona Vaccine. I had considered 3 projects, which hopefully will fit in next cycle. Please let me know if deadline is re-opened, although suits me fine at the mo.

  1. Fat-Yuri Pipe (Useful against "Send X, get XY Scammers" and Hackers).
    Named after that attractive blonde on the internet-dating site, which is actually a middle-aged bald fat IT guy. All you have are pictures. What limited Yuri from obtaining his riches, was the speed of his ukrainian internet connection. If shutdown, he would just set up elsewhere, under multiple identities. Wouldn’t it be great if the more complaints that were received, the slower his ‘‘plumbing’’ pipe became - until eventually just one drip a day, an hour, a year… Similarly, money transfer must be a drip…drip process. A lot of money should be a lot of drips, and take appreciable time. The tweak here, is that Complaints, Governance, will feedback to slow. Any NEW fake IDs will fall foul of AUTO-Complaint. Yuri will need to put in extra work, different photo’s. How many times have we seen YouTune host the same surrounds SendX for X
    Y, the only words that change are the currency? Do YouTube do anything about this? No. Rig up OpenCV based systems to identify and AUTO-Complain. Path-Flow means Hackers flag themselves. Whilst Fat-Yuri is doing ‘‘same old’’, by their nature, the best hackers are doing something ‘‘new’’… a new software path. So why not score a program path / API / parameter use? Once worked at a well known car manufacturer (long time ago), no-one noticed an unpainted car made its way through the line. No one questioned something that was obviously ‘‘new’’. Don’t just check at one ‘‘station’’ software-gate, they were acting as trained monkeys, when the System should have been visually identifying truth(s) along the line. Similarly, cars for China when they had incorrect labels (not shared to visual checking system) hence all errored. The System should learn, and back-propogate checks. When you’re building cars, these things are hung on a line, that steps along after present time. A lot of small tasks, so the operator just considers what he has to do. No-one wants to halt the line. That duff car is flagged, and off-loaded at certain points. Their capacity is for a few, not hundreds!
  2. “Delegate-Work / Vote” Some voting needs to be based on People, not how much ADA you have; and regional based. A structured approach to Council, Community Sub-Teams, Projects; that scales depending on how much effort you put in; and notices that now you are busy elsewhere, so maybe include you in less things. Also plays to any Skills-Matrix you may have / compliment others. ''Liquid democracy" making suggestions.
  3. "ScadaPLC’’ smart contracts specifically for capital equipment for factories. Created a topic for this (needs moving down, how do I do that?) This needs integrating with the dedicated, specialist equipment used in this industry. It is not just PC based, there is usueful functional hardware, and traffic, that can be blended into proofs.
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Cardano needs a Yule-Brinner auto-sheriff system to police the fringes of our Westworld, that underline confidence in ADA… OpenCv looks good for ‘‘Send X recieve X*Y’’

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Ha! I think working on vaccine distribution is pretty important so no worries! Funding rounds will be every 2 months or so. I like the ideas very much! Definitely register on the Catalyst site if you have not already: