DC Fund submittal

I have been asking for about 2 weeks where we should submit proposals for the DC Fund and nobody knows or there not telling me… I’m leaning towards they don’t know.

It has been a little disheartening. I am pretty sure the Cardano Foundation is suppose to handle the submittals but I asked twice in the new road map telegram room. No one answered in there either.

The proposals are a community thing so I am going to submit it here. If there is anyone else that prepared a proposal for today, please feel free to add to the thread.

Please let me know if anyone reading this knows the correct place to submit this.

  • There was also no official format that I could find so I just followed a basic proposal format.
  • Two big to upload, link is below.


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Hi, please include a link to your YouTube Channel. Don’t be shy about self promotion!

Maybe reach out to some other Cardano content creators and see if they can give your channel a boost?

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Hi Anthony,

It’s great to see proposals are already being put together. Just shows the potential of Cardano.

The reason no one has been able to answer your question is not because they dom’t want to, it’s always a shame when that is included in someones possibilities.

So at the moment there is no way to submit a proposal to get votes for the dcfund. This is all part of Voltaire. As this becomes possible there will be official announcements on how to submit your proposal to the community for votes.

In the mean time, raising awareness on what you have planned is an awesome idea, this should help you get traction, be ahead of the game to potentially attract votes when the time comes.

I wish you luck and please keep an eye out on all official community platforms - including IOHK and Charles’ YouTube channels.

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Very nice @anthony_stachowitz! Good on you!

I believe that IOHK is hard at work on this and as @Lgbeano said we will see it rolling out alongside the voting system.
You can read here a little about what’s coming, and I also found this video about Catalyst (haven’t watched it).

I imagine it will be very hectic and demanding for IOHK and CF so I’d cut them a little slack, and try to roll with the punches. Like @Lgbeano said, there’s no malice, possibly a bit of negligence, but really just too much work to deliver well (transprently) on a first iteration imo.

Thanks for your response…

The only reason I raised a concern about knowing where to submit and the other issues is because September 7th was the day Charles said it would be ready for submits … If that wasn’t the case i would not have said anything.

I understand that things take time but it’s hard to figure out which dates are going to be solid dates and which might be pushed back. I thought September 7th was more on the solid side because he talked about it only 3 weeks ago…

I am happy to be the first to submit and I am working on a second proposal right now. Maybe i will hold the 2 top spots…lol

Thanks again,


I appreciate the feedback. I left another post about why I thought September 7th was more of a solid date but I definitely understand that things get pushed back… The future is exciting!!


Thanks… your right. I write an 8 page proposal but forget to link my channel to message… Sounds like something I would do…

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Checking out the vids now. Love the intro BTW!

Anthony, you’re looking for Fund2 proposal which hasn’t been launched yet and is a little behind relative to the Sept 7th date Charles suggested. It’s expected to launch though within the week so stay tuned and you’ll then have an opportunity to apply.

Where you can submit your proposal https://cardano.ideascale.com/

Also watch this

Nice proposal! Good luck with your channel and keep up the good work!

Thanks. I submitted 3 ideas to ideascale:




Ironically, i didn’t submit the above proposal… I think these should come first.
Thank you all for your help and guidence. I do appreicete all of it!