- DEFI early Token Investors Information. Please Join, Help

I am looking for new projects in ADA ecosystem, DEFI, Oracles, etc… I have been trading equities and no clue about wallets, bud I want to learn by doing, by supporting promising projects and going through the process from the roots up. Where do I focus on early Token releases and projects? please post some links. Many thanks in advance for all your support. C u around


Welcome @TobiasBley to the forum. I’ve found that IOG will generally announce the higher profile / more promising projects first because of the promotional value to their own marketing, so first you can follow their blog here:

At this time, the most recent article on the blog describes how they’re planning to attract Ethereum based tokens & DeFi projects to Cardano. Some of the biggest DeFi projects will have been built on Ethereum already & many are expecting there will will soon be a rush to migrate.

We’ll see a lot of these emerge on this “ERC-20 token converter” itself when it becomes available, while in the meantime the bigger ones should be announced on the blog long in advance (the premier example = AGI token / SingularityNET = an economically decentralised AI platform):

You can also follow submissions with Project Catalyst for projects proposed to incubate on Cardano from the ground up. Some of the emergent Cardano-based DeFi, liquidity, and oracle systems are already being proposed and/or funded there: