Degraded Service or No Service: Which is Better?

It’s interesting to see the different ways that crypto exchanges deal with their spikes in new users. Coinbase has been limping along with degraded service for weeks (maybe months) and many of their users are suffering with blocked accounts, delayed funds transfers, etc. And they just keep on accepting new user accounts.

In contrast, Bittrex has been closed to new users since December 15th because they don’t want to operate with degraded service. They would rather stop accepting new users temporarily until they finish upgrading their infrastructure so they can deliver a better quality of service when they start accepting new users again.

Even though it’s never fun to turn away customers, IMHO, it seems like Bittrex is demonstrating a higher level of commitment to their customers than Coinbase.

I’m wondering what you all think: Does Coinbase or Bittrex have the best long-term customer service strategy?

Ive been using both services over the past months and only had one delay at Coinbase/gdax logging in to transfer something which was yesterday. As far as Bittrex there was the delay with ada withdrawal when they were waiting for the update. Bittrex has also stopped current users from creating new deposit addresses for ETH though which is annoying.