What's your experience with using Bittrex?

Hi! We are keen to hear about your experiences using Bittrex?

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Yes, echo @jonmoss’s post here, how have you guys found Bittrex as an exchange?

Easy to use, good charts. I just wish you could buy cryptos with EUR/USD there without having to do that at Coinbase or so. I just wonder how staking coins will work when they are placed on an exchange like Bittrex? Don’t they have to be in the Daedalus wallet for that to work?


Staking info will be released soon by IOHK! :slight_smile:

Bittrex is not very user-friendly in my opinion, especially compared to Bitstamp or Binance. However, they have a ton of alts. Beside the UX design, the other downside is the fact that you can only trade alts with BTC and not fiat ( except the top 12 coins).

On the bright side, I hear that they are going to come up with a new design in december/january.

Also be extra careful and always triple check the recipient addresses when you withdraw your coins, as several hacks have occurred via a fake Bittrex site using API calls and phishing techniques


Agree with @CosmosX, you always have to be super careful and triple check when moving funds around!

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its alright but i think we need another exchange

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Bittrex took a few days to get used to, but it functions as intended. I have held accounts on bitfinex, poloniex, kraken, bitstamp, coinbase and gemini. I always return to bitrex because of the exchange size, liquidity and available trading pairs. The other exchanges are really limited with what you can buy or sell, especially if you are into altcoins.


ADA/KRW soon on upbit.com

I quite like Bittrex, but wish they would consider trading in other fiat currencies. Other than that, it does everything I need an exchange to do.

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It is easy to use but I hate the fees.


I’ve had a decent experience buying and selling ADA using Bittrex. Transfers into and out of my exchange wallet have been very quick.
Their interface is terrible in my opinion. Lacks many of the security measures Bitfinex has that help you to be sure you’re sending funds to the right address and that you’re not on a phishing page.

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There platform isn’t the best especially if your out and about and using an iOS mobile etc . Could be ten times Better …

Overall tho considering . It has a wide range of coin wallets and using on pc or laptop is manageable for us coin enthusiasts.

There 2 step verification thing is glitchy . Also the IP address tag they use is rubbish. But it’s for security so it serves a purpose

7/10 for scoring .

I’ve been seeing a lot of hate on Twitter lately regarding Trex. I personally have never had a problem. I think the fud is more due to people trying to get their binance referrals filled. Trex is easy one of the top exchanges. They also just released some new updates to curb pump and dump trading. So they are growing and expanding.

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It is fine so far.

Highest fees afaik, but they have the widest selection of altcoins.
Theres a chrome add-on for the chart, which can make it goes full screen. I like that.
Clean and Neat UI.
One of the highest volumes exchange, means high liquidity for your coins.

So far so good! very quick transfers once you withdraw from Bittrex.


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Good experience so far and withdrawal to Daedalus seems pretty quick (a few mins).

Can you send your ADA back to Bitrex if you decide to sell some? Im using Coinspot at the moment and they don’t provided a receiving wallet for ADA, so my ADA is kind of stuck in the Daedalus wallet for now. Ive checked Shapeshift as well, but ADA isn’t listed to able to convert.

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Of course you can send it back to Bittrex.

  1. On Bittrex, click on Bitcoin markets, then click on ADA
  2. You now see the chart, click on the “Wallet” tab above the chart
  3. Click on Generate New Address
  4. Read Carefully this address and copy it
  5. Open Daedalus Wallet and the Send Tab
  6. Paste the address and triple check that it is the same address that you copied
  7. On Daedalus enter the amount then click Next and follow the instructions
  8. On Bittrex, monitor the deposit by refreshing your browser window in the Wallet Category
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