What's your experience with using Bittrex?


Thank you, i’ll have to sign up for a Bitrex account. I’m not sure how long Coinspot will take to implement a fully usable ADA wallet.


I think bittrex is solid, it has most any currency, fees arent too high. I like it.


I suggest that you sign up for an enhanced account if you want to withdraw from Bittrex (Personally it took me 3 weeks to get verified). Unverified accounts cannot withdraw from Bittrex. Also take into account that Bittrex doesn’t have fiat money, only USDT (Tether) which I don’t recommend holding for too long, as it is a controversial token. In addition, they got hacked for $30M last week. You can learn more about Tether here


I just got approved for the Enhanced account. I’ve already sent a small amount DGB to Bitrex and sold, i’ll buy some more ADA with that soon. I’m just trying to be find my way around the site and get used to what it can do. I’ll check out that link as well, thanks.


Fees are more than average compared to other exchanges!


Woke up this morning to see my ADA wallet on Bittrex INACTIVE - not sure why. So, although I’ve found it relatively easy to use (vs Kraken and Poloniex), the wallet being in an inactive status with no info provided by Bittrex to me, is highly frustrating.


I think this was done in response to the extremely high volume due to the large increase in price of ADA. From what I have read, this is only temporary. The best thing to do, going forward, would probably transfer to your wallet everytime you reach a milestone (Cost, or amount purchased).


@IAdoptedEarly - thanks for this, sound advice and appreciated.


Another exchange with much better UX will be great. Bittrex is a shitty one.


I’ve had good experiences with Bittrex. The Enhanced Auth. is a bit intimidating. But I’ve successfully jumped through all the hoops, 2FA, Captcha etc. moved some Bitcoin to my wallet and made a small purchase of ADA. All that went well.

However the ADA wallet being in maintenance mode had me confused for a bit.

Overall a good experience. :smiley:


Now Bittrex is fully working @SLewis


Try Binance. Excellent !!!


I have had no issues with them, once you adjust to allowing for in/out price if you are to day trade. I have not removed ADA to Daedalus, but have with all other coins to Exodus and my Ledger without issue.

Would be good to have ADA direct to Ledger withdraws in the future.


Yes, I’m going to open a Binance account to access coins not on Bittrex.


My experience has been pretty solid, no major issues. Appreciate comment @CosmosX regarding phishing attack. If you compare Bitrex to other investor platforms like TD or Etrade it gets the job done like they do. It would be nice if it showed you current coin value in fiat when committing to an Alt/BTC trade.


Sorry in advance if I’m digging this thread from the grave but, I think a large number of it’s new members are still awaiting verification.

Personally, I’ve bought ADA thinking that their verification process would be seamless and quick, to only fail at the automated verification. It’s been close to 3 weeks and counting but I’ve seen people wait a few months to get their identity verified.

Is there any way to get my ADA out of Bittrex into Daedalus ASAP? I’ve heard of the woes of holding coins in an exchange…


Hi @transit, unfortunately if Bittrex didn’t approve your enhanced account, you won’t be able to withdraw your coins. I’ve also experienced the 3 weeks wait with them for what it’s worth. Be patient, your time will come! :slight_smile:


With the amount of requests flooding their twitter, I’ve seen people wait for a month or two… sigh


On the bright side, you got in at a relatively cheap price!


People i think that daedalus is most friendly wallet and beauty on market,only few hours to sync,beside
on bittrex,verification was confirmed in 2 days,enhanced was in 1 day,and i was able to move coins immediately.