Delegation Analysis for Epoch 223

Epoch 223 (12 October - 17 October) network parameters:

k d Total stake Registered pools
150 0.58 16.74B ₳ 1105

The stake snapshot for epoch 223 occurred on Wednesday 07 October. The total staked ADA increased by 1.13% since the last epoch, up to 52.64%. We saw an increase in the number of active pools this epoch - up 10 pools to 1105. The minimum stake required in order to expect to make a block decreased slightly to 1.85M ₳, leaving 69% of pools below this threshold. The number of pools falling into the 0-slot bin increased by 11 pools this epoch.

759 / 1105 pools fall into the 0-slot bin

This plot omits the pools in the 0-slot bins

See the interactive version of this plot at

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For more information about the concepts and math behind this and past analyses (e.g. the meaning of k and d), as well as the full table that this chart was generated from, see our full post here.

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