Delegation Failure in Yoroi

I can’t see the transaction history that Yoroi currently delegates to the pool.
Also, even if I try to move to another pool, the fee(-0.8) is not displayed and it keeps failing.
Is there a solution?

This worked for me:
Delete yoroi chrome extension
Re-install and and restore your wallet with the 15 seed words.
Transactions that did not truly fail will be displayed, and you should have full functionality.

Thank you for answer.
But the situation is the same.
The pool currently on has moved on the 29th, but the last delegation is shown as 24th.
I guess that the last delegation is out of sync.

Yes, so that last green transaction is where you are staking. Unfortunately, I don’t know of an easy way to tell by the transaction ID which pool that is. That failed transaction you did today may actually go through, give it a little time.

If the transaction is normal, the fee should be displayed as -0.8.
But after 29th, my delegation fee is all my amounts, and they’re all failing.
Is it not possible to transfer to another wallet on the current testnet?

At this point I have no Ideas. Best of luck to you my friend in Korea :grinning:
Oh, try this. I find that the network is “more in sync” a few minutes after the end of an epoch. Try to re-delegate then.

Download Daedalus, put your 15 word passphrase into that and see if its correct there.

I have mine in ITN Daedulus and Yoroi ITN, in Daedulus its correct but in Yoroi ITN I have the same issue as you.